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Communicate with Your Subscribers More Efficiently and Effectively
Not enough hours in the day to reach your subscribers? Listen to this session and learn how to immediately capture your subscribers attention.

Advertising Today
This session covers the critical business function that your 2013 marketing plan should embrace in today’s shifting market.

Going Green is Easy
OSG Billing Services is implementing eco-friendly ideas, and will share tips on how you can be green too.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment
Hear the latest updates on EBPP and learn best practice tips that will help you drive results.

MailTrek Review
Want to know if your customers' check is really in the mail? Learn more about this near real-time tracking tool that offers peace of mind that has not been possible before.

Postage Updates
This session covers the 2010 USPS changes and the potential impact on your business. Learn more about our internal management process and how it will help you reduce postage costs and improve customer service.

Creative Marketing Through Your Invoice
Hear from two companies who have successfully implemented marketing campaigns through their invoice package and learn how you can generate revenue, improve customer loyalty and increase cash flow using your invoice or statement as a marketing tool.

Campaign Composer
Send the right message to the right person at the right time. An overview of an OSG Billing Services product which helps to send targeted messages directly to a specific customer base.

Postage Unwrapped
A review of USPS policy changes and postage updates that will help you make the most of USPS tools and avoid increased costs.

Enhancements in Electronic Billing
Learn how to reduce costs, drive customers to your website, create marketing opportunities and offer convenience and improved customer service. Hear a case study on how utilizing transpromotional marketing in the invoice package lead to a huge increase in adoption rate for an electronic billing program.

5 Ways to Survive Tough Circulation Times
A discussion about the changing landscape of the newspaper industry and how newspapers are maximizing the value of their bills.

Effectively Communicating with Your Customers
Learn strategies for implementing essential marketing techniques that will keep your customers engaged in your brand in the New Year and beyond.

Variable Data Communications
Hear how our technology expert will help you breakdown silos to improve customer communication, enhance sales and reduce churn.

Creative Marketing Strategies
This powerful 30-minute marketing session covers proven stories on how to launch successful refer-a-friend campaigns, produce effective letter applications and drive more customers to sign up for your online billing.

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