Coronavirus (COVID-19)


OSG expects to maintain SLAs for all digital services and call center operations. These services and infrastructure are primarily cloud based, and our support teams and call center associates are equipped to work remotely to ensure business and service continuity.

OSG print and mail facilities are committed to continued processing of client work and will make every effort to meet all client SLAs. If production staff is required to operate at reduced levels or becomes unavailable, OSG will evaluate the situation and work with each client to minimize disruption to their business. In some cases, client work may need to be transferred to an alternate production facility. Under this scenario there is a likelihood that some SLAs may be missed.

OSG has 19 North American print and mail sites, with the largest footprint in Alabama, Illinois, North Carolina, and Washington. All facilities are identified as mitigation sites due to the fluid nature of the COVID‐19 situation. Depending on the type of work and local staffing considerations, OSG has the flexibility to transfer some work to a similarly equipped production facility to support business and service continuity.

OSG is currently in Phase‐4 of its Pandemic Plan. The Emergency Response Team is fully engaged and monitoring the situation. A copy of the OSG Pandemic Plan is available on this site for review.

OSG will update this website on a weekly basis to keep you informed of situation changes. Please visit the site periodically for the latest information.

Illness & Self‐Quarantine

Any employee experiencing symptoms of illness or fever is required to remain home and seek appropriate medical attention until he/she is symptom free; or depending on the circumstances of the employee’s illness, obtain a doctor’s release before returning to work.

Social Distancing – Social distancing, with a minimum of 6 feet of separation, has been implemented in all facilities.

  • Remote Work – Employees who can effectively perform their jobs remotely are required to work from home.
  • Minimizing On‐Site Personnel – When non‐production personnel require an onsite presence, team members have been designated to alternate between onsite and remote work to minimize the number of personnel in a facility at any given point.
  • Meetings – Virtual meeting practices via phone or conference service have been instituted.

Sanitizing – Cleaning crew operations have been expanded at all facilities. Thorough sanitizing practices are required, and employees have been instructed to wash hands frequently.

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed at ingress‐egress points.
  • Touch‐surfaces, including door handles, hard surfaces, biometric readers, and common areas are cleaned and sanitized regularly.
  • Enhanced cleaning of personal work areas is in place.
  • Where possible, internal access points have been reconfigured to reduce the need for contact with door handles.

Travel Restrictions

  • Business Travel – International travel has been fully restricted, both by OSG and the U.S. Federal Government. Domestic business travel requires executive approval and is limited to situations when such travel is absolutely necessary.
  • Personal Travel – Employees are required to notify site management regarding any personal travel arrangements and may be required to self‐quarantine for a minimum of 14 days before returning to work at an OSG facility.

Conferences & Offsite Meetings

Conference attendance has been cancelled. Offsite meetings have been cancelled or will be conducted virtually.

OSG continues to leverage its broad supplier network and national contracts for indirect materials including sanitizing supplies. Supplies can also be transferred between facilities when necessary.

Yes. Visitor restrictions are in place. Meetings will be conducted virtually. No unnecessary personnel are allowed in any facilities at this point.

If a confirmed case of COVID‐19 occurs, we will thoroughly evaluate the situation to determine the last date the individual was onsite and which team members the individual was in contact with during the prior 14‐day period. Additional steps will be taken as needed, including:

  • Full disinfection of the facility.
  • Notification to potentially infected employee(s).
  • Mandatory COVID‐19 test of potentially infected employee(s).
  • Mandatory 14‐day self‐quarantine of all potentially infected employee(s).
  • Case information will be reported to the appropriate Health authorities to the extent required.

If an extended facility closure becomes necessary, OSG will evaluate the situation and work with each client to minimize disruption to their business. This process may result in transferring work to an alternate OSG facility.

Your account manager will reach out to you prior to transferring any work to a backup facility. Files will process normally at the primary facility and job status information will continue to be updated in the portal with the same information available today. Postage will be managed between the primary and backup facilities and mail will be entered into the mailstream as quickly as possible.

Yes. Direct materials required to complete client work are available in OSG warehouses and through long‐time relationships with several paper suppliers and envelope converters. Like us, OSG’s supply partners are considered essential and are committed to ensuring these materials remain available.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) provides an essential service and has not indicated that it plans to close or curtail services.

Additional information is available at the USPS link, below.‐alerts/